Cardiac and Vascular Group

CVG FY2013 Revenue:
$8.70 Billion

Annual Report CVG chart 2013

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The Cardiac and Vascular Group (CVG) consists of four businesses: Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management (CRDM), Coronary, Structural Heart, and Endovascular. The primary products sold include those for cardiac rhythm disorders and cardiovascular disease.


  • CRDM launched Japan’s first MR-conditional pacing system in October, Advisa MRI, which resulted in more than 11 points of share gain. Advisa MRI launched in the U.S. later in the fiscal year.
  • Coronary launched the Resolute Integrity drug-eluting stent in Japan for the treatment of coronary artery disease, which followed an earlier launch in the U.S. that resulted in 20 points of market share gain.
  • Endovascular completed enrollment in the IN.PACT Admiral drug-eluting balloon U.S. pivotal trial to evaluate the use of the product for the treatment of peripheral artery disease.
  • Structural Heart completed enrollment in the U.S. pivotal trial for the CoreValve transcatheter aortic valve system in high-risk patients and began enrollment in the global SURTAVI trial evaluating CoreValve in intermediate-risk patients.
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Annual Report EugeneSandvig 2013

Eugene Sandvig

Former Olympic speed skater Gene Sandvig stayed in shape by playing golf and chasing after his grandchildren. He considered himself healthy, but learned otherwise during an annual checkup: a screening for an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) showed a weakness in the wall of Gene’s aorta, not uncommon in men over 60. A vascular surgeon repaired Gene’s AAA with the Endurant AAA stent graft system, creating a new pathway for blood flow through his main artery. He went home the next day and shortly thereafter resumed his active life as a golfer and grandfather.

Restorative Therapies Group

RTG FY2013 Revenue:
$7.89 Billion

Annual Report RTG chart 2013

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The Restorative Therapies Group (RTG) consists of four businesses: Spine, Neuromodulation, Diabetes, and Surgical Technologies. The primary products sold include those for spinal conditions and musculoskeletal trauma, neurological disorders, urological and digestive disorders, diabetes, and ear, nose, and throat conditions.


  • Spine strengthened its industry-leading position, gaining share through surgeon adoption of new technologies and procedures.
  • Neuromodulation introduced SureScan MRI Technology in Europe, the first and only spinal cord stimulation system approved for full-body MRI scans.
  • Diabetes delivered solid international growth driven by the MiniMed Paradigm Veo insulin pump and Enlite continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor.
  • Surgical Technologies celebrated milestones of 500 O-arm imaging systems and 4,000 StealthStation navigation systems installed globally.
  • RTG accelerated its position in the global orthopedics market by acquiring China Kanghui Holdings in November.

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Annual Report Jenny Lind-Loughrey 2013

Jenny Lind-Loughrey

Jenny Lind-Loughrey is an active mother and the assistant director of nurses (and operating room supervisor) at her local hospital. She loves to spend time camping and fishing with her family and attending her childrens’ activities. But last year, she experienced tremendous pain in her left shoulder – pain that could not be managed with medication, traction, or physical therapy. Jenny couldn’t sit for any length of time, which meant she could no longer enjoy camping with her family due to the car rides to the campground. As an alternative to spinal fusion surgery, Jenny’s doctor decided to insert a BRYAN cervical disc into her intervertebral disc space, and now Jenny is pain-free and back to camping and fishing with her family.